This is when you're most likely to be burgled

Catherine Neilan
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More than four in 10 burglaries happen while people are at home (Source: Getty)

Wednesday mornings are usually associated with the sluggishness of so-called hump-day, but now there's another reason to hate getting up in the middle of the week: it turns out that's when you're most likely to be burgled.

Research suggests that almost one in five (18 per cent) burglaries take place on Wednesday morning, with 71 per cent of break-ins taking place between Monday and Friday.
And don't think you can put a stop to this by working from home. The research, carried out by Allianz Insurance, suggests 41 per cent of burglaries happen while the victim is at home.
The average cost of a burglary is around £2,300, with jewellery the most popular item to be taken (39 per cent), followed by money and large electronics such as TVs (38 per cent). Laptops, cameras, clothes and music systems were also on the hit list.
Earlier this year, research pinpointed homes in the London/Essex postcode RM8 – Dagenham and Becontree – were the most burgled in the country. Thieves made off with an average of £5,117 per house over the previous year, with 5.5 per cent of households falling victim to the crime.
The least burgled town in Britain was Lochee and Blackness, in Dundee, where fewer than 0.1 per cent of homes were burgled.

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