General Election 2015: Milifandom vs Cameronettes - who is winning the social media battle? (Answer: It's much less tight than the real thing)

Catherine Neilan
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Ed Miliband, no doubt praising the gods for the rise of Milifandom (Source: Getty)

Something is happening on Twitter.... are politicians becoming... cool?

Possibly. It seems to have started with one Labour-loving AS level student's ambition yesterday to launch a campaign fighting the view that Ed Miliband's image is a problem.
Her plan was good. Almost too good:
Lots of people love him - but not everyone can spell his surname:
Miliband replied... but his response was lacking the sort of enthusiasm normally demonstrated by teen crushes with a rather stiff-upper-lip tweet. Still the fans seemed happy.
Hers is not the only account to be proclaiming the Miliband is crazy/sexy/cool line.
The Twitter account @CoolEdMiliband was launched in the last week and is quickly building up steam.
Apparently even Miliband's wife is unsure what to say about his rapid rise to teen hearthrob status:
Still, the Conservatives and their supporters were keen to get in on the action. A Twitter account called the Cameronettes has been set up with a picture of the Prime Minister being accosted by a rather high profile boyband.
This led to the rise of another hashtag obsessing about one of our publicly elected officials.
This time it was apparently an even younger teenager - but not everyone was buying it.
But the originator insisted they were genuine:
Some of the Cameronettes were more keen on reminding the electorate of Miliband's less flattering public appearances.
In fact it looks like the #Cameronettes has just spawned a rise in anti-Tory tweets:
So who wins in the battle of the Milifandom vs the Cameronettes? Well this one at least appears to be more of a convincing victory for the Labour leader than May 7th is likely to turn out.

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