Election fatigue or just plain bored? Schoolgirl face-desks as David Cameron campaigns

Catherine Neilan
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Cameron with six year old Lucy Howarth, who was either incredibly bored or very shy (Source: Reuters)

We've all been there. The guy next to you starts banging on about politics and suddenly you feel an overwhelming urge to rest your eyes, just for a second... and before you know it, you're being rudely waken up after the snores got that little bit too loud.

And let's face it, who here isn't already suffering a bit of election fatigue?
One schoolgirl certainly appeared to be - and unluckily for David Cameron he was pictured sitting next to her just as she seemed to go to sleep/indulge in a face-desk moment.
At least that's what it looks like – those on the scene said she was simply hiding her face because she was shy.
Whatever the reason, it got us wondering whether this could be the Prime Minister's bacon sandwich moment. It definitely beats his “silver spoon” shot (with SamCam steadfastly not joining him in eating).
We await the Twitter lols with much anticipation. It's early days but some folk out there have already obliged.
Also, it's an opportunity for us to remember the #EdEats highlights. There's no need to thank us.

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