Amazon is launches Home Services in the US - here are some of the most random things you can order

Sarah Spickernell
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Piano lessons can now be purchased via the website (Source: Getty)

Amazon has come a long way from starting as an online book store 20 years ago – from today, people in the US can buy professional help via its website.

The e-commerce giant has launched its Home Services site, which spans 700 different services ranging from installation to rubbish disposal.
Help will be on offer in most major US metropolitan areas, including New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco.
The company will take on responsibility for all background checks and insurance, and the new services will be backed by Amazon's Happiness Guarantee – this means if someone is not satisfied, the company will offer a re-do or a refund.
The new category originally soft-launched last year, but today it has been rolled out from four main city hubs to 41 states.

What can Americans buy from Amazon?

Here are just some of the services you can now buy from Amazon in the US:
  • People to help you find a good grazing spot for your goat - select the primary type of vegetation on your land, whether you have a fence, and go(at)...
  • Silk aerialists - because who doesn't need someone to throw twisty shapes while dangling from a piece of fabric?
  • Printer setup - because plugging in a USB cable is harder than you think
  • People to mount things on your wall - this comes under specific categories, such as "media projector" and "sound bar"
  • Air hockey table assembly - they're notoriously slippery

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