Uber has launched its own quarterly magazine: Momentum

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Uber launches new magazine for drivers (Source: Getty)

Not content with branching out into grocery and fast food delivery Uber has decided to try its hand in the media business.

The ride-sharing giant is launching its own quarterly magazine - Momentum. The publication will be targeted at the company's 150,000 drivers. Momentum will be on sale in Boston, Oklahoma, San Francisco, New York City, Chicago and Ohio.

Ryan Graves, Uber's head of operations, wrote in the Momentum's first issue:

We want to strengthen the community of our driver partners — currently 150,000 people strong — by making sure you are up to date on new developments within our company and giving you new and improved methods to connect to us and one another.

As we gear up for another big year of improvements, we look forward to hearing from you about what more we can do to ensure you have the most positive experience possible on the road with our platform.

The magazine follows in the steps other companies such as Airbnb that have used print magazines to provide information to customers and employees.

Momentum's commencement issue features stories ranging from how drivers can keep healthy to recommendations on how to find the best clean and free bathrooms.

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