Five things you could buy for the same price as the Premier League TV rights: 325 Balotellis, 2.2m travelcards, 65m Apple shares and more

Lynsey Barber
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Buying up the rights to broadcast Premier League matches to avid football fans across the UK doesn't come cheap.

At a total of £5.2bn, a record price paid by Sky and BT, that’s some serious spending power. Here’s what else that sort of cash could be splashed on.


2.2m travelcards

How about buying a travelcard? With £5.2bn, you could afford to buy 2.2m yearly London zone 1-6 travelcards. That’s a ticket for a quarter of the population of the capital.


325 Mario Balotellis

The former AC Milan striker signed a £16m deal to go to Liverpool this season. At that price, you could get 325 of him.


Five Buckingham Palaces

Valued at around the one billion-pound mark, for the price of the Premier League TV rights, you could buy up the royal residence five times over.


Talk Talk

The smaller rival of Sky and BT could have been snapped up for less than the football TV rights based on its current market cap of £3.04bn and still with more than £2bn to spare.


65m Apple shares

There are still some things that come more expensive than Premier League TV.

Apple’s one of them. Hitting a record valuation for any company ever, at $700bn, the cost of the broadcast rights is more of a drop in the ocean when it comes to the tech titan.

Sky and BT could have clubbed together to spend the money on 65m Apple shares - around a one per cent share in the company.

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