Davos according to TripAdvisor... Which hotels, restaurants and attractions to avoid while at the World Economic Forum 2015

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Davos: It's not all as nice as this (Source: Getty)
The world and his cat are heading to Davos this week, but if you've been too busy dealing with the Swiss franc fracas or China's crawling economy, fear not. Here's our top tips on where to avoid, what not to do, and where to run screaming from, courtesy of Trip Advisor's review system. You should probably read this before you board the plane.


If you're looking for somewhere tasty to chew over the day's topics, you might want to steer clear of some of these.
Swiss-style restaurant Chalet Guggel, Jakobshorn, (3.5/5 stars) has some positive reviews but is definitely marred by one that pulls apart both the “below-average food” and what it describes as “some of the rudest staff I've ever encountered”.
One reviewer of The Scala (3/5 stars), on Davos Platz, meanwhile wrote that “the fact it sits below a casino should have alerted us to the game of chance we were about to engage in”.
Meanwhile Parsennhutte, on Parsennstrasse (3/5 stars), has been dubbed “overpriced and tasteless”. Another describes it as “unfreundlich!”


Hopefully you have already booked somewhere to rest your weary post-Will.I.Am head, but just in case, here are some reviews of hotels with availability – but they might give you a guide on where not to go.
The Hotel Davoserhof, Berglistutz (3/5 stars), is “a no go”, according to one customer review, which cites the noisy nearby nightclub as particularly egregious – maybe good if you want to let off a bit of steam but not if you're after your beauty sleep. “Good location but that's it”, another summed up.
If you're staying at the Morosani Fiftyone, on Davos Platz (4.5/5 stars), you might want to “bring your own pillow”, as one reviewer suggested. “Quite possibly the worst night's sleep my wife and I have ever had.”
Meanwhile the Hotel Europe, Promenade 63 (4/5 stars) won plaudits for location and havign “faded glory” but there were complains that it was noisy, that you had to go through “sleazy curtains to gain access to the dining room” and that once there the food was pretty bad. “The worst experience I've had thus far in my life,” said one reviewer. Cripes.


If you're not overly impressed with the schedule or have cunningly wangled some time to check out the sites, there are plenty of things to do. Here's what makes it to the bottom of the list.
One Russian reviewer was not impressed by the Vaillant Arena(4.5/5 stars). “For a country like Switzerland, and such well-known sports facility was strange to see such shabby dirty walls,” they said.
While the Kirchner Museum on Davos Platz (4.5/5 stars) got generally positive reviews, there were a couple that dampened our enthusiasm. One complained that it was “small and with not much to see” while another noted that it was overpriced (“10CHF to view around 40 paintings. Are you having a laugh?”.
If you have the time you might even want to go skiing but of course it depends what you're looking for. “Oyoyoy, what a place,” said one reviewer. “This overwrought, overdeveloped, overrated, overpriced place has been on my must-avoid list since I first visited it.” Say what you really think.

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