There's now an Airbnb for Airbnb: Can I Stay with You While I Rent my Place on Airbnb is here

Emma Haslett
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The service isn't available in the UK yet

Much has been made of the fact Airbnb's model has been copied to such an extent there's now an Airbnb for pretty much everything - from boats, with Boatband, to toilets, with, er, Airpnp.

But now there's a new one: Can I Stay with You While I Rent my Place on Airbnb is designed for people who make cash renting their homes out on the service. Because of its less-than-catchy title, it's been dubbed the "Airbnb for Airbnb".

It's slightly different to its inspiration in that there's no charge for using the service, although it does suggest sharing some of the profit from your rental with your host - or you could just offer to have them to stay when they're renting their house out.

The only limitation is that the service is currently only available in the US. Although, to be fair, if you need somewhere to stay, you could always just use the old-fashioned method and sleep on a mate's sofa...

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