How long would it take you to earn as much as these nine top CEOs?

Lynsey Barber
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How much cash is in your pocket? (Source: Getty)

Now the Christmas shopping is out of the way, maybe you're looking toward fulfilling those career ambitions in the new year.

Whether you're eyeing a new project in your current job or a new challenge entirely, the prospect of a pay rise would be a welcome treat for most workers as wage growth lags behind the rise in the cost of living, leaving our pockets feeling lighter.

That's not a worry for those at the top, though.

It's a high-pressure job leading a business, of course, but FTSE 100 chief executivess earned almost 180 times that of the average UK worker last year.

So, how does your pay compare to that of a chief executive?

Type in your annual salary in the calculator below and work out just how long you'd have to work to earn the same as nine of the top business bosses.

Maybe you fancy yourself as the next Jamie Dimon in banking? Or is Marissa Mayer at Yahoo your career idol?

The result might just be an incentive to get cracking on those career plans as we head into 2015.


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