Ukip and Nigel Farage's popularity drops in new poll as Labour enjoys surge

Billy Ehrenberg
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Bottoms up: Nigel Farage (Source: Getty)

After accusations of snobbery and a woeful conference season, there is finally some good news for Labour. In a new poll by Opinium for the Observer, Labour’s lead over the Conservatives came out at a healthy seven per cent.

This lead, should it be translated into seats in the general election, could mean Labour secures a majority of 80. Meanwhile Ukip’s drive seemed to have stalled; the poll showed the party's popularity had dropped three points to 16 per cent since the last survey a fortnight ago.

What is more, Ukip leader Nigel Farage’s personal popularity rating dropped by eight points to -17 per cent. As his party’s most tradable commodity, this will have Ukip supporters worried. The popularity rating is worked out a sum of those approving of a leader less those disapproving. By this measure Cameron was in the lead on -11 (- two on a fortnight ago) Milliband was on -28 per cent (+three) and Nick Clegg was on -48 per cent.


  • Labour 36 per cent
  • Conservatives 29 per cent
  • Ukip 16 per cent
  • Liberal Democrats six per cent
  • Green Party five per cent.

In the lead up to conference season Miliband’s party had been ahead and Labour supporters were hoping for a repeat of last year, when their leader’s popular speech promised to freeze energy prices. It was well received. This time round however Miliband forgot to mention the deficit and Labour’s lead dissolved into rough parity in the aftermath.

Of course, any single poll taken in isolation risks pixelising the debate as the truth is only really illustrated by aggregating large number polling results. The poll, which took place on 19 December this year, was conducted online with a sample of 1,957 adults across Great Britain.

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