Autumn Statement 2014 quiz: By George! What’s Osborne been up to?

Gabriella Griffith
As the chancellor takes centre stage today to tell us how he plans to move the Treasury’s kitty about in the Autumn Statement, we take a look at some of his best moments over the last few months – but what exactly is he up to? Is it A, B or C?

A. Promoting Your Life campaign B. Meeting his mechanic C. Visiting Madame Tussauds

A. Hitching a lift to Dover B. Going to Yeovil to discuss the A303 C. HGV training

A. On a “sing to your trees” course in Finland B. Working a day in B&Q C. Picking up his Xmas tree

A. Escaping a mob of protesters by jumping on a local bus B. Riding to Westminster in style C. Launching Manchester’s new Metrolink

A. Auditioning for Great British Bake-Off B. Starting a food fight at Mr Kipling C. Hanging out with an apprentice
1. A. He was promoting the Your Life campaign for STEM subjects with Jenson Button 2. B. Discussing the A303 with Wincanton drivers 3. C. Picking up the Number 11. tree 4. C. Launching Metrolink 5. C. With a kitchen apprentice at The George Inn

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