Merry Biz-mas? Last year's weirdest business Christmas cards from Warren Buffett, Jamie Dimon and Maurice Lévy

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Tony Blair has already been given a heavy ribbing for his alarmingly wooden Christmas cards, while Nigel Farage has released a cartoon of him in a white van, reversing over his rivals.

But they've got nothing on last year's trickle of chief executive Christmas cards, which ranged from the sublime to the downright tasteless. Here are some of the best from last year - we can but speculate on what we'll see in 2014.

1. Jamie Dimon playing tennis indoors

What could be more festive than a huge panoramic of the family of JP Morgan chief executive Dimon smashing up a luxury apartment with tennis balls, in what looks like high summer? Nothing, that's what. Here's part of it. You can see the full card by clicking on the link in the tweet.

2. Maurice Lévy's Christmas odyssey

The Publicis chief executive is famous for his lengthy Christmas greetings. Last year, Lévy poked fun at himself: click on the video below and you'll be taken on an adventure via YouTube video, which will eventually land you here. Try to pause the video, or skip to the end, and you'll get Lévy's best "not angry, just disappointed" face. Click on the "view on YouTube" button, and you'll be castigated even more. This year, friends and colleagues can expect to mock Lévy at their peril...

Start your odyssey here:

3. Warren Buffett's ode to Walter White

If you haven't reached the end of Breaking Bad yet, look away now. Having famously dressed up as Heisenberg for the finale of the show, Buffett reminded friends, at Christmas family and loose business connections why they don't just like him for his stock tips. "Meth-y little Christmas" indeed...

Warren Buffett's Christmas card just landed at @wsj: have yourself a meth-y little Christmas.

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