“All in this together” takes a back seat as “long term economic plan” and immigration top odds on Osborne’s most likely Autumn Statement phrases

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All in this together? Not this year (Source: Getty)

Are we all in this together? Not any more.

The phrase beloved by Cameron and Co has fallen to its longest odds yet when it comes to the likelihood of it appearing in this year’s Autumn Statement at 4/1.

It looks like the Conservatives' long-term economic plan is still on track, though, with Ladbrokes giving the phrase the shortest odds of 1/10 as the economy takes centre-stage heading into next year’s general election.

Immigration is also set to be a hot topic at 1/3, followed by mentions of Stonehenge and “bringing down the deficit” both evens, while odds on austerity and "magic money tree" have both shortened this year.

Less likely to feature in Osborne’s notes is the trending twitter hashtag #CameronMustGo. Ladbrokes gives the phrase the longest odds, unsurprisingly, of 100/1.

Which exact words or phrases will George Osborne use in this year's Autumn Statement?

1/10 Long-term economic plan

1/3 Immigration

Evs Stonehenge (last year 6/4)

Evs Bringing down the deficit

6/4 White van

2/1 Tough decisions

3/1 Hard choices

3/1 Safe in our hands

3/1 Hard working families

3/1 Austerity (last year 5/1)

4/1 We're all in this together (last year 3/1)

5/1 Red warning lights

5/1 Labour's economic mess (last year 6/1)

5/1 Magic money tree (last year 20/1)

6/1 UKIP

10/1 Twitter (last year 25/1)

25/1 I'm afraid there is no money

33/1 British jobs for British workers (last year 12/1)

100/1 #CameronMustGo

Paddy Power has also placed its shortest odds on the economy as the first buzzword to be mentioned in Osborne's speech at 3/1, followed by recovery at 8/1, then stability, fiscal policy and borrowing at 10/1 each.

The chancellor is expected to reprise his wardrobe choice of last year by donning a blue tie- most likely navy at 2/1, followed by baby blue at 5/1 and bright blue, also at 5/1, according to Paddy Power.

When it comes to policies, the bookie is also offering odds on rabbits (all be it small ones) being pulled out of the chancellor's hat:

2/5 Any reform of stamp duty to be announced

6/4 Any cut in inheritance tax

6/4 Any increase in capital gains tax threshold to be announced

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