The public has spoken: When it comes to politics, revolutionary Russell Brand is even worse than Jeremy Clarkson

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Russel Brand has launched himself into the world of politics (Source: Getty)

Self-proclaimed revolutionary Russell Brand may be shocked at the results of a new YouGov survey.

The poll finds that the vast majority of the great British public thinks he's one worst celebs who spouts off about politics. Of those polled, 46 per cent said Brand made a negative contribution to the political debate.

For a man who makes no secret of his disdain for the Murdoch press the poll is a double blow for Brand as Top Gear presenter and Sun columnist Jeremy Clarkson is seen as being less corrosive to political discourse than the anti-capitalist comedian.

Some 41 per cent said Clarkson made a negative contribution, compared to Brand's 46 per cent. The survey also found that 60 per cent of the public didn't like Brand compared to just 28 per cent who had a positive view of the leftie firebrand.

Other celebrities in the poll included Emma Watson, Bob Geldof, Leonardo Di Caprio and Bono. Angelina Jolie won the most public support with a positive rating of 28 per cent, with just seven per cent having a negative view of her interventions into politics.

Over the past year, the scourge of the establishment and enemy of graphs has launched himself into the world of politics editing an issue of the New Statesman, speaking at protests and publishing a book on Revolution. Brand has also taken to propagating his world view on YouTube with a series of videos called the Trews.

Brand's political philosophy can be hard to follow. One moment he says people should stop paying taxes to resist the state, the next he castigates corporations for tax avoidance. But perhaps Brand is getting a bit of a raw deal from the public.

He was mocked on social media after some people noticed a delightful similarity between Brand's somewhat unique speaking style and the verses of Blur's 90s hit Parklife.

To give people an some idea of the similarity some public-spirited soul put together this Youtube video:

Brand responded with his own video:

We'll leave you to judge which one is best.

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