North Korean news agency: Kim Jong-Un returns

Billy Ehrenberg
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Kim Jong-Un's whereabouts had been the subject of many rumours (Source: Getty)

He's back. Kim Jong-Un, North Korea's rotund despot, had been out of the public eye for over a month, with rumours abound that he had been the victim of a coup or fallen foul of his own weight.

Today, North Korean state media said, he gave a "field guidance" at a newly built housing complex.

It remains eminently possibly that the state-run media agency - effectively a government mouthpiece - is hiding something from the rest of the world.

Kim's absence remains unexplained: he may have fractured his ankles due to his weight or been deposed and installed as a puppet.

The speculation surrounding the fate of the dictator has led to a swirl of interest, including wild, satirical theories and nostalgic galleries.

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