Michelle Mone hits back at Katie Hopkins’ ‘asylum seeker’ slam

Gabriella Griffith
Michelle Mone is not impressed by Hopkins’ TV appearances
Ultimo founder Michelle Mone and shouty mouthpiece Katie Hopkins love a good barney. The pair have been in bust-ups (pun intended) for the past seven years, since Hopkins’ appearance on The Apprentice in 2007.

Mone’s stance on Scottish independence spur­red Hopkins to sling another fist full of mud last month, calling the underwear entrepreneur an “asylum seeker” and “Trident with tits.”

Well, Mone has hit back – telling City A.M. she doesn’t take the former Apprentice star seriously anyhow. “I mean who the hell is she?” she told us. “A former Apprentice star who writes a column. She isn’t a businesswoman, she does­n’t own a company. She just spits anger and abuse.”

We’ll probably be ringing the bell on round three (hundred) in the next couple of days.

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