Thursday 9 January 2020 11:09 am

Twitter trials function to block all replies

Twitter is trialling a new feature that allows users to block replies on their posts in a bid to cut down on online abuse.

The social media giant announced the trial at Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show, and will be brought in alongside an option to choose who can reply to posts.

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There will be four different settings – to allow anyone to respond to posts, allowing replies from from people the user follows, allowing replies from people mentioned and to not allow any replies at all.

Twitter said the trial was being done in an attempt to curb abusive behaviour and cyber bullying on the platform.

The company said: “We want to help people feel safe participating in the conversation on Twitter.”

The trial comes after Twitter recently implemented a feature that allows users to choose if people can see their replies or not.

It is a part of a larger push by the app to improve discourse on the platform and to cut down on abuse.

The social media giant also recently banned political advertisements in the US on the platform.

Speaking at CES, Twitter director of product management Suzanne Xie said: “We’re really excited about this, because not only does it help people feel … more comfortable as a … community, but also [because it] allows us to create a whole new format of conversation.

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“We do want to be thoughtful about what the impact will be so that you can’t actually change the conversation afterwards.”

Twitter product chief Kayvon Beykpour added: “If people are fearful of being abused or harassed on the platform, it’s not a particularly pleasant place to participate, and so health for us is important.”