Friday 26 June 2015 5:02 am

Happiest countries in the world? Panama wins - while the UK comes a mere 44th

When it comes to having that inner glow, it turns out Panamanians are way ahead of us in the UK. That's according to a newly-published analysis of global wellbeing, anyway, which ranked Panama as the happiest country in the world – while the UK comes a mere 44th. 

Gallup's 2014 Country Global Wellbeing Rankings measure well-being across five areas: purpose, social, financial, community and physical. It found that more than half of adults in Panama are "thriving" in three or more areas.

The UK comes 20th out of 145 for financial wellbeing – and 79th for social. Just 23.5 per cent are defined as "thriving" in three or more areas – we're outranked by, among others, Honduras, the UAE, Kyrgyzstan and Ecuador. 

Not surprisingly, Afghanistan came last in the rankings, only just beating Bhutan, Cameroon, Togo and Tunisia to the bottom spot. 

"The state of a country's well-being sheds light on levels of prosperity and progress," pointed out the report's authors.

"Goverment and community leaders globally have a duty to improve the lives of the people within their borders." 

It turns out David Cameron has a long way to go…