Tuesday 31 January 2017 3:10 pm

Got an active dog? New technology could lower your pet insurance premiums

The UK is a nation of dog lovers. And for those of us that know what it is, the country is also becoming rather a fan of the burgeoning internet of things.

So with the good old fashioned entrepreneurial spirit Britain is famous for, PitPat, founded by former Dragons' Den contestant Andrew Nowell, has developed technology to monitor the movements of our pooches.

Attaching to dogs' collars, owners can track via an app of their phone how much exercise man's best friend is doing.

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Hot on the heels of health insurers reducing premiums for humans who go down the gym, insurers have leapt on this technology like a dog on a bone.

More Than, owned by FTSE 100 insurance giant RSA, has invested in the firm together with a nutrition and animal health firm Neovia.

RSA global connected insurance director Kenny Leitch said: “It was immediately clear to us that PitPat was the right choice for our pet telematics ambitions. Their intense focus on low-cost and large scale is exactly what’s needed for the insurance market.”

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Some say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. But for those hoping to drive down pet insurance premiums for their lazy pets, they might have to try.