Monday 14 June 2021 5:50 pm

Countries crack down on UK travellers amid Indian variant fears

Daily news reporter in City A.M.'s London newsroom

The Netherlands and Abu Dhabi have introduced coronavirus quarantine restrictions for UK travellers, as Italy and Ireland mull new restrictions.

The Netherlands announced on Saturday that UK travellers will face mandatory quarantine measures from tomorrow. The Dutch Ministry of Health said “this is because of the worrying Delta variant of the coronavirus variant that is circulating” in the UK.

The country, that has only seen 13 cases of the Delta mutation, better known as the Indian variant, will fine travellers €95 if they fail to show a completed quarantine statement. Those that break the quarantine mandate will be fined €339.

Similarly, Abu Dhabi removed the UK from its green list of countries on Sunday. UK travellers will now need to quarantine in hotels after their arrival.

Italy and Ireland

Other countries are also considering restrictions. Italy’s prime minister Mario Draghi said yesterday his government would “have to reimpose quarantine for those who arrive from Britain” if coronavirus case numbers continue to increase.

The Irish Times reported Ireland is likely to introduce tougher restrictions for unvaccinated travellers coming from the UK. The move would see minimum quarantine requirements being extended to ten days for those unvaccinated or with only one shot.

However, there are some signs of hope for those that have been vaccinated. Ireland is also likely to lift quarantine measures for those that have had both doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

France has also been welcoming fully vaccinated EU and UK citizens since last week, no longer requiring such travellers to have a “compelling reason” to visit.

Portugal today announced it will no longer require UK travellers to take a PCR test to enter the country, although a negative test result is still required.

Portugal, France, Italy and the Netherlands remain on the UK government’s amber list, while the UAE is on the red list.