Tuesday 31 March 2020 1:33 pm

Coronavirus: Aldi, Morrisons and Waitrose ease stockpiling restrictions

Supermarkets have begun to ease restrictions on the number of productions shoppers can purchase as availability has improved following a spike in coronavirus-related stockpiling.

All major UK supermarkets were forced to limit the number of items customers could buy earlier this month, to combat an increase in panic buying. 

Aldi  announced this morning that, while the purchase of some in-demand products is still limited, restrictions on most items have been lifted.

Previously customers were only able to buy four of each product as the German discounter faced a surge in demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

However, only certain items such as toilet roll, pasta, and alcohol are now subject to the four-per-person rule. Hand wash, bleach, shower gel, some canned goods and part baked breads are also restricted.

Sales of hand sanitiser, UHT milk and baby formula are limited to two per person. 

In a statement this morning Aldi said: “While we would still encourage people to buy only what they need, product availability in store is good and the move will make it easier for people to shop for vulnerable people and those who are self-isolating.”

Morrisons has increased the limit for some items from three to four per customer. Restrictions on some products have been removed to encourage customers to donate to food banks, which have reported a slump in donations. 

Meanwhile, Waitrose has removed restrictions on purchases of all fresh food, the BBC reported.