Tuesday 26 March 2019 5:30 pm

Adobe and Microsoft team up to take on Salesforce’s marketing software

Adobe and Microsoft are teaming up to strengthen their sales and marketing software offerings in a bid to take on rival Salesforce.

The firms will partner to help users of Adobe’s marketing software identify potential customers on Linkedin, which is owned by Microsoft, the companies said today.

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The deal would allow Adobe customers to target an appropriate audience for their business goods on Linkedin. If this marketing campaign worked, clients could then use Microsoft’s sales software to follow up.

“Orchestrating the engagement of multiple individuals in a complex marketing and sales journey is at the heart of account-based experiences and what B2B marketers do day in and out,” said Steve Lucas, senior vice president at Adobe.

“With these new account-based capabilities, marketing and sales teams will have increased alignment around the people and accounts they are engaging, and new ways to measure that business impact.”

The partnership will help the two firms bring together their respective sales and marketing capabilities into one offering, and pose a challenge to US cloud software giant Salesforce.

Adobe and Microsoft said the deal will create a more personalised experience for clients, and marks a deepening of existing collaboration between the two firms.

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“Together with Adobe and Linkedin, Microsoft can help to deliver an end-to-end solution that ultimately accelerates lead conversion and can create opportunities for improved servicing and better cross sell, resulting in higher lifetime value of the account,” said Jen Weedn, vice president of business development at Linkedin.

Salesforce has been contacted for comment.