London house prices

Residential property prices in the City are rapidly rising to match some of London’s most expensive areas, and [...]

23 June 2014

Everyone is talking about the ONS stats out today showing that London house prices rose 18.7 per cent in the year [...]

17 June 2014

House prices in London rose 18.7 per cent in the 12 months to April according to new figures released today by [...]

17 June 2014

HOUSE prices in London dropped for the first time this year between May and June, dipping 0.5 per cent as buyers’ [...]

16 June 2014

The UK's government has this morning received a far more glowing appraisal from the International Monetary Fund [...]

6 June 2014

LONDON’S housing market is likely to slow down over the summer and return to normal levels of growth in the [...]

29 May 2014

LONDON house prices could rise more moderately in the months ahead after a manic year of double digit growth, [...]

28 April 2014

LONDON house prices are set to rise 54 per cent over the next six years, leaving the rest of the UK’s property [...]

14 April 2014

LONDON’S house prices have soared to historic levels, with the gap between prices in the capital and elsewhere [...]

3 April 2014

House prices in March grew by 0.4 per cent, a slower rate than in previous months, according to the Nationwide [...]

2 April 2014

LONDON’S house prices are booming because of a lack of supply and are not in a bubble, the Office of Budget [...]

27 March 2014

HOUSE prices in the City soared by more than any other London borough, while the capital’s market continued [...]

14 March 2014

LONDON house prices are rising nearly four times as fast as properties outside the south east of England, as the [...]

15 January 2014

HOUSE prices in the capital will continue to soar next year, rising by up to seven per cent, estate agent Marsh [...]

11 December 2013

HOUSE prices in the capital are set to spiral further upward by more than a third in the next five years, according [...]

25 October 2013

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