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Allister Heath
Allister Heath

Allister Heath is Editor of City A.M., the daily business newspaper distributed in and around London and digitally. Under his editorship, the paper, which has now grown to an audited print circulation of 128,781 copies per day, has become an influential voice in London's business community. Heath's trenchant daily column in the paper covers economics, finance, politics, geopolitics, business strategy and other subjects and has gathered an increasingly large following.

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Thursday 17 April 2014
BRITAIN has turned into a giant jobs factory.
Wednesday 16 April 2014
INFLATION, as Milton Friedman used to argue, is a form of taxation without legislation. Wealth is taken from some people – for example, holders of cash – and given to others – such as those with large debts.
Tuesday 15 April 2014
IN the dreadful communist days, Ukraine and Poland used to be equally poor. The former was part of the Soviet Union, and Poland was one of the USSR’s satellite nations, belonging to the Warsaw pact.
Monday 14 April 2014
ON the face of it at least, all is going swimmingly well for the British economy.
Friday 11 April 2014
CREDITORS are strange beasts: they appear to have virtually zero memory, to be gluttons for punishment and to embrace rewards for failure.
Thursday 10 April 2014
IT is a remarkable story. When Dadabhai Naoroji was elected as the Liberal Party member for Finsbury Central at the 1892 general election, the Mumbai-born became Britain’s first Asian MP.
Wednesday 09 April 2014
AT SOME point over the next few years, the UK will have to decide once and for all what it wants
Tuesday 08 April 2014
FACTS are sacred, unlike mere subjective opinions – or so most sensible people believe. In reality, as every good French philosopher would tell you, what we trust to be objective data-based truths all too often turn out to be social constructs.
Monday 07 April 2014
THE housing crisis in London and its commuter belt can be blamed on one simple problem: there is an under-supply of property.
Friday 04 April 2014
BRITAIN’S debt burden is falling. Yes, you’ve read that right: the UK is finally deleveraging. But there is a  catch: debt hasn’t fallen enough even though we are already nearing the end of the deleveraging cycle.
Thursday 03 April 2014
WHAT a disaster for Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats.
Wednesday 02 April 2014
HARDLY anybody has heard of the Roman poet Juvenal these days, which is a great shame. He was the first, as far as we know, to ask one of the central questions of political philosophy: “Who will guard the guardians?”
Tuesday 01 April 2014
WE all know that bosses keep awarding themselves bigger and bigger pay rises, right? And that FTSE 100 CEOs’ comp keeps on rocketing? Wrong. The facts paint a far more complex picture, and deserve a proper airing.
Monday 31 March 2014
A DISASTER for Francois Hollande, France’s socialist president: that is the only way to describe the outcome of yesterday’s elections, which saw the centre-right sweep to power in towns and cities across the country.
Friday 28 March 2014
FACTS are often scarce in the great European debate. It is possible for fair-minded people to come down on either side of the question.
Thursday 27 March 2014
CONSUMERS and politicians should draw very careful lessons from the news that SSE, the energy giant, is freezing its prices. This is hardly the victory that some on the left believe it to be.
Wednesday 26 March 2014
A YEAR ago, the political establishment was still obsessed with the debate over austerity;  today, hardly anybody cares any more. Labour has moved on to fresh territory, as has the coalition.
Tuesday 25 March 2014
LONDON is at the top of its game. It is not only the commercial, financial, cultural and political capital of the UK but a great city-state, a global metropolis which attracts the world’s best and brightest.
Monday 24 March 2014
IT IS obvious that Russia is a significant source of jobs, trade and investment for the UK.
Friday 21 March 2014
SUPPORTERS of the nanny state were out in force yesterday, attacking George Osborne’s revolutionary liberalisation of the pensions market.
Thursday 20 March 2014
Wednesday 19 March 2014
GOOD on Mark Carney. The Bank of England he inherited was in urgent need of a shake-up, and he has now delivered on the comprehensive reorganisation he promised.
Tuesday 18 March 2014
BRITAIN’S traumatic national wage cut could be about to come to an end – or so the Treasury would like us to believe.
Monday 17 March 2014
AT THE start of every year, forecasters try to predict what could go wrong over the next 12 months – and every time, they get it terribly, spectacularly wrong.
Friday 14 March 2014
BONUSES are not the source of all evil. Sorry, I know I’m not meant to say that, but it’s the truth.