Despite the dire predictions from the economics profession about Brexit, the UK economy is doing well. [...]

6 February 2019

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism has secured a new round of fundraising, bucking the trend after a torrid [...]

25 January 2019

Online publishers Buzzfeed and Verizon Media have announced plans to cut hundreds of staff members as digital [...]

24 January 2019

The Daily Mail’s parent company today said it maintains its full-year guidance as revenue rises for its online [...]

24 January 2019

US telecoms giant Verizon Communications will announce a writedown of up to $6.7bn (£5.35bn) in the fourth quarter [...]

11 December 2018

The advertising community has descended upon Cannes this week for its annual get together, but amid the rosé [...]

18 June 2018

Bitcoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency, has been associated with dark and unsavoury topics such as human [...]

9 April 2018

  ON MONDAY, CHANNEL 4 News broadcast hidden camera footage of Cambridge Analytica. The company is a political [...]

20 March 2018

Uber has been rocked by a wave of bad news over the past few months, including the departure of its co-founder [...]

22 November 2017

Businesses in the UK have cut the amount of cash they are spending on cyber security despite the growing threat [...]

18 October 2017

  A few months ago, I saw a terrifying warning when I logged into my personal email account. It read: “Government-backed [...]

18 October 2017

US authorities have filed charges against Russian intelligence officials in connection with a massive hack of [...]

15 March 2017

Marissa Mayer, the boss of Yahoo, is set to receive a $23m (£18.8m) golden parachute if she loses her job after [...]

13 March 2017

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and a Californian school stand to make millions of dollars from Snap's IPO this [...]

26 February 2017

US stocks hit new record highs off the back of strong earnings from retail giants Wal-Mart and Home Depot, as [...]

21 February 2017

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