<strong>HOWARD ARCHER IHS GLOBAL INSIGHT<br /></strong>Inflation data for June should show a continuation of the recent downward trend. Some utility prices have been also been trimmed recently, while the upward pressure from food prices&nbsp;continued to ease in June.<br /><strong><br />DAVID PAGE INVESTEC<br /></strong>RPI inflation data looks likely to fall deeper into negative territory &ndash; we expect -1.5 per cent. Although we do not categorise this as deflation, we do expect UK inflation to be subdued over the coming years.<br /><strong><br />PETER DIXON COMMERZBANK<br /></strong>There is more downside to come for inflation in the UK. The trough will be reached by September &ndash; we forecast it to be just above 0.5 per cent, but it won&rsquo;t stay there very long. It&rsquo;s going to shoot sharply back up.