Voters target small issues

City A.M. Reporter
PEOPLE are more worried about potholes in the road than violent crime, according to a new survey by O2 and Populus.

While the election was fought on macro issues – including David Cameron’s “big society” campaign – voters are far more concerned with minor annoyances like uneven roads and slow internet connections.

Out of the 2,040 responses, 41 per cent said they find slow internet connections their biggest daily frustration, well ahead of the 14 per cent of people who said NHS waiting times. Around 36 per cent said unfriendly customer support was their biggest gripe compared to the 26 per cent who mentioned crime and the 18 per cent who are most worried about job cuts.

O2 says it wants to help stamp out unreliable broadband connections with its new Niggles and Narks campaign.

Felix Geyr, head of O2 home broadband, said: “It’s clear from this poll that the public is getting increasingly frustrated with the UK’s broadband services.”