UK rated worst place to live by expats

EXPATS living in the UK have rated the region as one of the least favourable locations to live in the world, citing difficult job markets, reduced levels of disposable income and higher personal debt as the reasons, according to new survey findings.

HSBC’s annual Expat Explorer survey found that the UK was rated by expats as one of the worst locations to live when it came to wealth and career opportunities.

Up to 67 per cent of expats living in the UK said the local economy had deteriorated since 2009. As a result, two-thirds of those surveyed in the UK said career opportunities have been reduced.

Thirty-one per cent of people said they have to closely monitor expenditure due to the
high cost of living.

Meanwhile, the UK is home to the highest number of expats who are accumulating more debt, with 11 per cent of the total 4,100 expats surveyed by the bank reporting it was harder to save money in the UK.

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