UK and US slam Iran's atomic plan

IRAN defied heads of state and governing bodies worldwide last night, as it announced plans to build 10 new nuclear plants.<br /><br />The Iranian nuclear agency will start work on five uranium enrichment sites over the next two months, Tehran said, with five more to be set up at a later date, with the aim of producing 300 tonnes of nuclear fuel a year.<br /><br />The announcement comes just days after the UN&rsquo;s nuclear watchdog slammed Iran for concealing a nuclear plant. <br /><br />The expansion of Iran&rsquo;s nuclear programme will scupper hopes that a compromise proposal, negotiated last month and backed by US President Obama, could be agreed between Tehran and the West.<br /><br />The White House slammed the move as &ldquo;yet another serious violation of Iran&rsquo;s clear obligations,&rdquo; while Britain said it was &ldquo;a matter of serious concern&rdquo; and could be a &ldquo;deliberate breach&rdquo; of UN resolutions.<br /><br />Iran claims its nuclear expansion is peaceful and allowed under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, but the West is concerned about it using its nuclear infrastructure to increase its weaponry.<br /><br />Iranian President Ahmadinejad added that his Cabinet had been looking into enriching uranium at a higher level &mdash; high enough so it can be used in medical research, but below the level required to develop weapons.