Tories vow an end to UK's health and safety culture

CONSERVATIVE leader David Cameron yesterday promised to reform Britain&rsquo;s &ldquo;over-the-top&rdquo; health and safety culture, saying it had become a straitjacket on personal initiative and responsibility.<br /><br />A Tory government would bring back &ldquo;common sense, discretion and personal responsibility,&rdquo; he told the Policy Exchange think-tank.<br /><br />The Trades Union Congress accused Cameron of distortion and urged politicians not to undermine a consensus over health and safety in the run up to the general election.<br /><br />Cameron acknowledged Britain&rsquo;s low workplace fatality rate, but said something had gone wrong&nbsp; when children had to wear goggles to play conkers and trainee hairdressers were not allowed scissors in the classroom.<br /><br />He blamed a growing compensation culture for over-cautiousness.