Roaming mobile bills cheaper

Making a telephone call, sending a text message or reading emails on a mobile phone from across the European Union will cost less from today.<br /><br />The tariff cuts, which complete a European Union ruling from 2007, were proposed by the EU's executive arm at the end of 2008 and won approval by the European Parliament and member states.<br /><br />Following the new price curbs, which take effect from today, it will be up to 60 per cent cheaper to send mobile phone text messages while travelling in the EU or to surf the Web by laptop.<br /><br />Prices for making a roamed mobile call will be capped at 43 euro cents per minute (36p) versus 46 cents previously, and at 19 cents, down from 22 cents, for calls received abroad.<br /><br />The caps will fall further over two years.