UnCommons sense
As a tax-and-spend liberal who believes in big government I am confounded to find myself agreeing with Dr Tim Morgan [There’s one economic policy the coalition has yet to try, last Tuesday]. He points to some truths that have been forgotten by all parties in this debate: growth is unlikely to come from anywhere; the NHS and defence are over-bureaucratised; and efforts to decentralise have been disastrous failures. And he offers solutions. No PFI, build rental homes and help real working people. It’s all common sense – which is why politicians will not do it.

John Finch


Road to ruin
Your proposed road reforms [Time to bring our roads into the market economy, last Friday] would be great, but I can't help but think it would go the same way as the railways. Prices would keep going up each year and no real improvement would be seen by the customer.

Jason McCarthy