Boris backs us

With the crisis in the Eurozone deepening and world markets shakier than ever, headlines of financial Armageddon are today vying for space with stories of celebrity gossip. It can be tempting for commentators to shoot from the hip during times like these, but we must resist populist, reactionary instincts when trying to explain what is going on. City A.M. is standing against the political lynch-mob and providing a vital platform from which the challenges we face can be understood and tackled. The City is home to a world class financial centre and this newspaper deserves credit for championing it and providing a forum of free speech that enlightens, as well as entertains.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London


Political currency

Andrew Lilico’s call for a Eurozone without Greece assumes the euro is an economic project. The euro is a political project and a building block towards European integration. The markets are rightly sceptical of Greece’s ability to stay in the Eurozone, but underestimate the political will to keep the European project on course. It is a battle of wills between federalist politicians and the markets.

Syed Kamall, MEP for London and member ECON committee