Modest proposals

[Re: We need a flat tax with no loopholes to reduce avoidance, yesterday]

There’s a strong argument for saying that, considering the incompetence of successive British governments in spending tax revenues, legally minimising tax contributions is actually the most ethical option for British taxpayers.

Edward Fox

The easiest and most effective way to simplify the tax system would be to merge income tax and national insurance. This would remove many contentious tax avoidance schemes. The reason it doesn’t happen is because politicians think voters are so stupid they’ll see it as a tax rise.

Meg Murphy


Political sclerosis

[Re: Obama is banking on Latino votes but the economy unites, yesterday]

Ewan Watt is rightly critical of playing politics with specific voting groups. But this is a trend that has worryingly reared its head in Britain. Ken Livingstone’s dirty sectarianism didn’t win him the mayorship, but he came very close. Sadly there are few politicians with more universal appeal.

Kelly Williams

[Re: Super Mario must radically reform Italy to avert economic disaster, yesterday]

Italians have known they needed labour reforms for decades. If anything good comes from this euro crisis, let’s hope they finally gird themselves to action.

Robert Weybridge


Top tweets

A flat tax with no loopholes is a great idea. But there’s a huge risk of politicians fiddling.

Students already sit different GCSE papers in some subjects. Gove’s proposals would make this explicit and drive up standards.

Britain and Germany, compare and contrast. In the latter, vocational training is not considered a second class education.

I just spoke at a conference on City regulation. Seems officials think market failure can be solved by more official regulation.