Money troubles
[Re: Reform of political funding mustn’t result in taxpayers carrying the bill for parties, yesterday]

Membership of the three main parties is less than that of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. It will take years for the parties to regain their base, if they ever do. In the meantime, if we don’t want scandal after scandal, taxpayer funding is vital. We could say which party our money should go to on our self assessment tax forms.

Andrew Heard

One way of encouraging mass donations might be a raffle to have dinner with the Prime Minister. Apart from raising money, he could meet some ordinary people.

Simon Arjeant

Nuclear option
[Re: Crisis turning into real threat for PM, Monday]

David Cameron seems to be dedicated to being in the middle of the herd. Worse, his frame of reference is limited to metropolitan liberals like himself. It is too late for him to be sound on Europe, climate change or spending. In the past he has got himself out of tight spots by sounding like a Conservative. Now, we have heard it too often and realise it is only an act and that he reverts to being a LibDem as soon as the pressure is off. We need a new leader of the Conservative Party. Cameron should stay on as PM for as long as the coalition lasts but he should not lead the party into the next general election.

Greg Bathurst

Should sensible drinkers be entitled to financial compensation if it turns out higher prices do not reduce problem drinking?

With minimum pricing for alcohol, now would be time to cut tax on drinks in pubs.

Fags up, booze up, petrol up, stamps up, but you’re not hitting the poor, Cameron?

Minimum pricing was meant to distract us from the budget and the cash for access scandal distracted us from minimum pricing. Can’t wait till tomorrow.