North Face fuels sales climb as Vanity Fair eyes expansion

VANITY Fair, whose brands include North Face and Vans, is targeting new stores in the UK to build on a 55 per cent first half rise in earnings.

The company made $274.4m (£174m) with strong growth in Asian markets and record revenues of $3.3bn.

North Face, which consists of outdoor high performance clothing, is continuing to drive sales, with skate fashion brand Vans also reporting a 24 per cent jump in sales. Meanwhile earnings per share rose 55 per cent to $2.47.

President of outdoor bands Patrik Frisk said that the company has managed to prosper despite the global downturn and is looking at opening more stores in the UK.

“We have seen our brands prove very resilient. The quality we offer at the price has allowed us to keep on expanding.“

“We are doing well in the UK and want to have the brands in more stores as there is demand.” Traditionally North Face has been associated with mountain climbing, but the brand is now worn for casualwear as well as sport. “In New York everyone wears this stuff, it’s everywhere,” he said.