New non-exec for Lloyds

LLOYDS has added a new non-executive director to its board, with current-Victrex chair Anita Frew joining from 1 December.

Victrex is a FTSE 200 manufacturing firm, but Frew also has experience in investment and banking from her time at the Royal Bank of Scotland and through her non-executive position at Aberdeen Asset Management. Her appointment will be voted on at the bank’s next annual general meeting.

The announcement came as Centrica chair Roger Carr spoke last night on the importance of increasing the number of women on the boards of major British companies.

“It cannot be right that today in the FTSE 100, women occupy only 12.2 per cent of board seats,” he said to a City audience at the ISCA Hermes transparency in governance awards, adding that “boards are intellectually and socially enriched by the presence of women”.

Also recently the City has seen the launch of The 30 per cent Club, which aspires to make the boards of major UK firms 30 per cent female by 2015.