MPs call for transparency in public sector cost cuts

THE Treasury sub-committee has called on the government to trim public spending and be more transparent about the cuts it makes.<br /><br />The sub-committee&rsquo;s report on the government&rsquo;s Efficiency Programme welcomed efforts to cut costs in government departments, but said the necessary structures to achieve savings might not be in place.<br /><br />Data collection systems to measure efficiency savings were only being put in place after efficiency programmes are launched, the committee said, an &ldquo;illogical&rdquo; order that masked whether such efforts represent value for money.<br /><br />Sub-committee chairman and Tory MP Michael Fallon said the government should consider &ldquo;more radical solutions to reducing its burden on the taxpayer&rdquo;.<br /><br />He said more should be done to prevent staff at departments undergoing reviews from losing morale in a &ldquo;climate of fear and uncertainty&rdquo;.