Mobile phone users are noisy about service

Stephan Shakespeare
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TELLYOUGOV, YouGov’s new service which allows people to tell us what they are thinking, has seen “tyggers” revealing how they feel about the nation’s mobile phone network operators. TellYouGov also shows us exactly which aspects people find good and bad about their mobile network operators, recorded in their own words.

We analysed the sentiments contained in more than 550 comments that we have received (unprompted) from panelists during the last month. As the graph makes clear, the aspect of mobile network providers that customers are telling YouGov about the most frequently is customer service. The vital importance people place on service is clear from the 190 comments that we received on this theme, encompassing “service”, “care”, and “loyalty”. The total volume of comments concerned with these issues far outweighed those concerned with “deals”, “contracts”, or “offers” (seven comments).

In terms of competitive edge, O2 was the only provider with a net positive score at +6, with Orange in second place with -17. These were also the two most tygged-about brands. Orange received particular praise for its “excellent” customer service, but criticism for “hidden charges”.O2 was commended by tyggers for its “value for money” and “speed of customer service”, but others lamented its “sending [of] automated emails” and its “costly customer service line”. Vodafone recorded the worst net score at -43, as many condemned its “poor signal”, “expensive charges” and “dire customer service”.

T-Mobile and 3 sit at the bottom of the pack in terms of the volume of “tygs”. T-Mobile was criticised by one respondent for “trying to add to my monthly bill without mentioning the costs involved”, and another complained that 3 provided “the worst customer service...ever”. Even in this high-tech price-sensitive industry, consumers still make most noise about customer service, good or bad.

Stephan Shakespeare is co-founder and co-chief executive of YouGov.