Mercedes Vito to drive black cab out of London

IT could soon be lights out for London&rsquo;s black cab, as the newly licensed Mercedes Vito, which is greener, and fits six passengers rather than the normal five, attempts to take 25 per cent of the new London taxi market.<br /><br />The Mercedes, which costs &pound;35,000, could outsell the traditional Manganese Bronze TX4 in a year, forecasts from taxi drivers have shown.<br /><br />Eco City, which helped develop the vehicle, says the van&rsquo;s economy has been a driver for sales.<br /><br />The Vito saves drivers &pound;7 or &pound;8 a day in fuel, which is &pound;40 or &pound;50 a week.<br /><br />&ldquo;The success of the sales is a surprise,&rdquo; Eco City chief executive Peter DaCosta said yesterday. &ldquo;Drivers want to earn as much as they can in the shortest time possible, and the fuel economy on these vehicles lets them,&rdquo; he added.<br /><br />DaCosta said 34 of the sales had been made under the scrappage scheme.