Massa rages at Lewis as Vettel closes in

FERRARI’S Felipe Massa launched a scathing attack on Britain’s Lewis Hamilton after the pair clashed again during a Singapore Grand Prix dominated by Sebastian Vettel.

The German now needs just one point from the remaining five races to become the youngest ever back-to-back world champion after leading all 61 laps around one of Formula One’s most testing circuits

Massa, meanwhile, who was already fuming after a near-miss between himself and Hamilton in qualifying, confronted his rival after the race, in which the Briton’s McLaren had clipped his Ferrari while attempting to pass.

Hamilton collected a drive-through penalty for causing the collision but still finished the race fifth, while the Brazilian was ninth.

Massa, just 24 hours after having accused the Briton of “not using his mind” in qualifying, again vented his anger.

“I told you yesterday that he cannot use his mind...even in qualifying, so you can imagine in the race,” he said.

“In qualifying he tried to do a Superman on the out-lap. Today he tries to do the same in the race.

“He could have caused a big accident. He touched my wheel on a straight – 300 kph, and he punctured my tyres, so he destroyed my race.

“[He paid] for that because he had the drive-through, [but] that’s the problem. He doesn’t understand even paying for a problem.

“It is important the FIA is looking, and penalises him all the time he is going in the car, because he cannot be thinking about it.”

1. Vettel, Red Bull 309 points

2. Button, McLaren 185

3. Alonso, Ferrari 184

4. Webber, Red Bull 182

5. Hamilton, McLaren 168

1. Red Bull 491 points

2. McLaren 353

3. Ferrari 268