Latvian police closer to solving riddle of City A.M. shareholder

Marion Dakers
LATVIAN police are reported to have found a dead body they believe to be that of Leonid Rozhetskin, a shareholder and board member of City A.M., who has been missing since April 2008.

Rozhetskin, a Russian-born lawyer living in the US, was a prominent investor in telecoms group MegaFon and served as executive vice chairman for Norilsk Nickel, one of Russia’s largest mining companies. He was involved in Hollywood as a producer together with Eric Eisner, the son of Disney’s Michael Eisner.

As a shareholder in investment company Blue Bull, Rozhetskin also supported the founders of City A.M., Jens Torpe and Lawson Muncaster, when they launched the paper, and he joined the board as a non-executive director from the start in 2005.

After a four-year search, authorities are said to have discovered Rozhetskin’s credit card on a body in a remote Latvian forest, though the identity is not yet confirmed.

Last night City A.M. owner Jens Torpe said: “If it turns out that Leonid’s body now has been found, we hope this will at least bring closure for Leonid’s family and friends who have lived through the uncertainty of not knowing what happened to him since he disappeared in 2008. We greatly appreciated his work for the company during his time as a director.”

Police are conducting DNA tests to confirm whether it is the body of Rozhetskin. Results of the tests are expected within the coming week.