Labrokes betting on success

OVER the coming months, Ladbrokes will be looking for favourable odds. The UK’s largest betting company is likely to benefit from a year packed with international sporting events. A heavily criticised decision to walk away from acquiring 888 Holdings may be a gamble set to pay off. The stock is on an uptrend, so a break above 210p would leave an upside of over 150 points. Spread Co quotes 170.56p-171.22p for Ladbrokes.

IT firm Micro Focus has managed a very creditable recovery over the past year or so, even if its share price has sagged somewhat in the second quarter of 2012. The company was upbeat in its last update, but this confident tone will need to be replicated if the shares are to find a reason to break out of their current lacklustre pattern. IG Index’s price on Micro Focus is 435p-437p.

In its last, brief update to the market in April, transport firm Go-Ahead seemed to confirm that it was firing on all cylinders, with trading described as “solid”. Hopefully this situation will have continued over the past few weeks, with shareholders looking for news that the company has shifted up into fifth gear, reversing the downward trend in the share price seen over the past year. IG’s price on Go-Ahead is 1,189p-1,197p.

Prudential is a company insured against the effects of a European slowdown. With the bulk of its operations based in Central Asia, and an aggressive expansion plan within the US, the company is maximising its profits while minimising damage from Europe. Should the stock break resistance at 800p, we may see Prudential become an attractive investment. Spread Co quotes 704.3p-705.3 for Prudential.