Iran in protest blackout

<div>PROTESTORS took to the streets of Iran again yesterday, as the nation&rsquo;s top legislative body stood by a disputed president poll that claimed incumbent premier Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won by a landslide.<br />&nbsp;</div>
<div>But a ban on reporting from the streets of Iran, and arrests of protest ringleaders, meant any further clashes were kept off the world stage.&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;</div>
<div>US President Barack Obama, who has been pressing for a crackdown on Iran&rsquo;s nuclear programme since his inauguration, said he was deeply &ldquo;troubled&rdquo; by the violence and that protesters who had taken to the streets had inspired the world.<br />&nbsp;</div>
<div>French president Nicolas Sarkozy branded the election result a &ldquo;fraud&rdquo; &nbsp;and said that people should have the right to protest against the result.<br />&nbsp;</div>
<div>Seven people were killed in election riots on Monday, prompting authorities to announce a partial recount.&nbsp;</div>