Q. What does Seeing Machines’ technology do?

A. Seeing Machine’s FaceAPI allows a computer to track the face of the person using it. It then provides a stream of information that can be incorporated into other systems, such as 3D laptops.

Q. Why do 3D laptops need to track your face?

A. In order to give the illusion of an image being 3D, the computer must fool the brain into “seeing” something that isn’t really there. In order to do this, it transmits two similar but distinct images to each of your eyes, which correlate to what you would see if you were viewing a real object. The images must reach the eyes in exactly the right way, otherwise you will see the blurred picture you would see if you watched a 3D movie without the glasses. This has put manufacturers off making 3D laptops because it is difficult, and tiring for the user, to keep the laptop in the right position to maintain the illusion of 3D. This is where FaceAPI comes in – by tracking your eyes, in relation to the rest of your facial features, it allows the computer to constantly update where it directs each video stream, meaning you always experience 3D.

Q. Does it actually do what it is supposed to?

A. Yes. City A.M. got a sneak preview at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year and it is impressive.