Heathrow passenger traffic up 3.1 per cent year on year in November

London airport Heathrow this morning posted a 3.1 per cent jump year on year in traffic figures in November, as 5.4m passengers passed through the airport over the month.

Heathrow reported that its load factor – showing how full the average flight was – came in at 72.8 per cent.

Passenger numbers to Europe were up 7.1 per cent year on year, while Greek traffic slumped 14.6 per cent.

Of the emerging economies, passenger numbers rose 12.9 per cent to China, six per cent to Brazil and 6.2 per cent to Russia, although traffic to India was down 1.3 per cent.

Colin Matthews, chief executive for Heathrow, said this morning: “Passenger figures to the BRIC economies continue to be strong, illustrating the demand for routes to emerging markets.

“But there's more demand that the UK can't meet – because its only hub airport, Heathrow, is full.”