Gossip, intrigue and a whole lot of City fun

OUR diary page, The Capitalist, has also had its share of stories to get the City talking this year. Just last week we led the way with the coverage of Carphone Warehouse tycoon Charles Dunstone&rsquo;s wedding, revealing all the juicy details, including the fact that Jools Holland had been lined up to entertain guests at the reception, ahead of time.<br /><br />We report back on every major party hosted within the City, Mayfair and Canary Wharf, mixing photographs of the business world&rsquo;s top dogs mingling on their down time with gossip from behind the scenes.<br /><br />And alongside entertaining readers with a lighter-hearted approach &ndash; comments flooded in from all sides after we published a run-down of the 10 hunkiest gents and loveliest ladies in the City earlier this year &ndash; we also break stories in the diary in its own right, such as the new venture, Brompton Asset Management, set up by John Duffield, the founder of Jupiter and New Star.<br />

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