Four masterful Japanese whiskies to seek out

1. Hakushu 12 year old
The Hakushu distillery produces a wonderfully light, floral and zesty whisky that’s distilled at over 2000ft above sea level. The 12-year-old incorporates a subtle, soft smoky note into the mix. A Highball cocktail is one way to appreciate its refreshing qualities.


2. Hibiki 17 year old blended whisky
Meaning “harmony”, this blend is a rich, aromatic whisky which highlights notes of dried fruit, oriental spice and aromatic Japanese incense. Great to sip neat or pour over a freshly carved ice ball.


3. Chichibu: the First
One of a new breed of Japanese distilleries, Chichibu was opened in 2008 and this is its first whisky bottled, at three years old. Already showing huge complexity that belies its age, the rich, buttery mouthfeel develops notes of sweet vanilla and lemon zest.


4. Yamazaki 12 year old
The oldest distillery in Japan and the one that started the revolution in Japanese whisky making. This 12-year old has notes of citrus fruit, vanilla and malty cereal, with a light, fruity aftertaste and some lingering winter spice.