Football flotations

■ In 1983 Tottenham became the first English football club to float on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). On 16 January this year, it was delisted by ENIC – the investment vehicle of billionaire businessman Joe Lewis.

■ Manchester United floated on the LSE in 1991 while under the chairmanship of Martin Edwards. The move raised capital and later allowed fans to buy shares in a bid to block takeover bids. Yet in 2005 the Glazer family took over and delisted the club. Earlier this year the Glazers issued some shares in a New York based initial public offering (IPO).

■ In the mid-1990s Rangers’ fierce Glasgow rivals, Celtic, floated on the LSE in a bid to raise cash and put the club back on a firmer financial footing.

■ Meanwhile back in London, Arsenal joined Plus Markets – a junior stock market – in 1995. Arsenal had attempted share issues as far back as the early 20th century as the club struggled to stay financially stable while still based in south east London. But now the modern Arsenal – which has played in north London since 1913 – allowed shares to be bought for £700 each. They are now worth over £17,000.

■ A year later the Gunners’ London rivals Chelsea were floated on AIM by Ken Bates. Seven years later, in 2003, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich bought the club for around £140m. Abramovich still owns the club outright.

■ In the west of the city, Queens Park Rangers were one of many clubs in the 1990s to attempt to raise funds from the financial markets. In 1996 the Hoops were listed again after being merged with rugby club Wasps.