Dyson claims Bosch paid research mole

BRITISH engineering firm Dyson yesterday accused German rival Bosch of employing a mole in its high-security research department, with the aim of illegally acquiring technology.

The UK company filed proceedings at the High Court, claiming that secrets surrounding the development of motors at its Wiltshire innovation centre were passed to Bosch for up to two years.

Dyson claims the employee had previously worked for Bosch and was paid to provide the information.

“Bosch’s vice president for engineering employed a Dyson engineer and benefitted from our confidential know-how and expertise,” said Mark Taylor, Dyson’s research and development director.

“We have spent over fifteen years and £100m developing high-speed brushless motors, which power our vacuum cleaners and Airblade hand dryers. We are demanding the immediate return of our intellectual property.”

In response the German firm said: “Bosch has sought to establish the full details of what occurred, including attempting to establish from Dyson what, if any, confidential information supposedly passed between Bosch and Dyson.

“Bosch regrets that Dyson has chosen to issue legal proceedings.”